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Cyberbajt ProEter 10dBi

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Cyberbajt ProEter 10dBi


CB-PROETER-24010: is the omnidirectional antenna designed for the frequency of 2,4 GHz. Antenna works at the vertical polarization, has 10 dBi gain, it’s predicted as the base station antenna.
CB-PROETER-24010 can be used for connections in short distances when height of a location requires the wide vertical beamwidth. Can be used inside and outside buildings.
This New design is characterized by low weight and better stability, which we achieve thanks to using a new type of mounting.
Antenna comes with N Female connector in standard, is equipped with U-bolt for mast mounting. They carry a 3 years warranty

Important features:
Frequency range: 2400 – 2500 MHz
Polarization: horizontal
Gain: 10 dBi